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So they have come and gone: my 20s that is. The decade that included all the major changes in my life: earning my degree (and university partying), meeting and marrying my husband, giving birth to my two children, moving to Alberta, buying my first (and second) home, starting my career… all those moments that everyone says are the best in their life. Over, done. But I have to say, I am really looking forward to the next decade. Seeing my kids grow up, completing my Master’s, and that element of surprise… I have less plans for the next 10 years than I did for the last, which is nice. Where will I be at 40? I don’t know! Which is great! I do have a few goals however.

Goal #1: Graduate with my MBA. Three courses in, it appears that I am on the track, though with nearly 2 years left, it still feels far away. (Especially during this current Financial and Managerial Accounting course. Blech.) But I can, and will, do it. I want to show my kids that you can pick a goal that seems unobtainable (like full time school with work and kids etc.) and do it!

Goal #2: Travel with my family. We have always travelled, but my goals are to continue to do it. Next on the list? Across Canada road trip and Europe backpacking trip. May have to wait until goal #1 is completed and I start to make money again!!

Goal #3: Learn to ride a motorcycle. My dad would have loved to teach me this, but I will learn on my own in his honour. Then one day Mike and I can take a long bike trip. I think it would feel ‘tough’ to ride a motorcycle in leather, pull of my helmet and shake out my hair like they do in the movies. Less sexy and less coordinated though! And for Dad, my bike will be bright red, of course.

Goal #4: Improve as a mother. I am a good mom, I know. I love my kids with my entire being, but sometimes I forget what really matters. I clean the house for company instead of playing hard in the backyard. I make things easy for them instead of allowing them to be challenged. I want to challenge my kids to find their own dreams, and play with them while they do. Braeden told me once while we were playing a game we had invented: Smack Ball, with a beach ball in the backyard, and laughing hysterically, that this was the best moment in his entire life. He does tend to be dramatic, but that hit home. All he wants is to play hard with me. The painstakingly planned craft and science experiment activities are unnecessary to be a good mom, but living in the moment is.

Finally, the most important goal:

Goal #5: Get ID’d. Okay, so the other ones are more serious. But I WILL get ID’d again, someday, someway, somehow. If I have to wear pigtails to the bar, I will. It’s been about 5 years since I have been carded, and I have a goal to have it happen, at least once more. 🙂

How has life changed? I have always had a full schedule, have always been in school, have always had a goal, a plan. Life with kids has taught me that plans change. The other day on my way to bed, Mike asked me what was on the calendar for the next day. I checked. “The mortgage comes out, and we’re having chicken for dinner!” I called out. Then we both started laughing hysterically as we realized what our life has become: mortgages, planned meals and grocery lists, schedules for our kids instead of us. Yes, life has changed, but so far, 30 is great.


Jordyn blows out the birthday candle on her 2nd birthday.

Dear Jordyn,

Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful little girl. It is hard to imagine what life was like without you here – like your brother, you have filled it with such love, excitement, and meaning. It’s crazy to think that it has been two years since we held you in our arms at Misericordia Hospital, and your brother Braeden came in to meet you. You squeezed his finger with your little hand right away, and you won him over instantly.

You are a girly girl. You love tea sets and fancy dresses, beads and toenail polish. Of course, when you’re all dressed up, you love to pull that dress right over your head! You prefer kittens and babies to cars and balls, in spite of the fact we only had boy toys for you at first.

You and your brother have the sweetest, strongest relationship. If you’re upset, nobody can take Mom’s place, other than Braeden. You love to sit in his lap, follow him around, and laugh at his every joke. He would do anything for you – giving you toys he was playing with or hurrying to your side when you are upset. The other day, as you two cuddled and watched Lady and the Tramp, you looked up at Braeden and said “Braeden, I love you forever, ever ever.” Your dad and I nearly cried! You call him “my Braeden” and he treats you like a princess.

All dressed up for her birthday celebrations.

You are so easy in some ways! You slept through the night right away, and potty trained yourself at 17 months. So yes, on one side you are a sweet little blond girl, with innocent blue eyes and the ability to melt people’s hearts. You love cuddles and songs, and are a little angel, but… you are also a firecracker! (Your dad called you that one day, and it fits!) You have passion that is so intense – shown in an ecstatic laugh or an angry shout. You tell people what you think. Today at the grocery store, a man said “It’s your birthday, you must have turned 2!” You said: “Did not! Liar, liar, pants on fire!” For the record, I did NOT teach you that!
You have spunk – rocking out while singing Honky Tonk man is a regular occurence for you, and you sing all day long: in bed, when you wake, in the night… and life is never dull when you are around. You make messes so quickly, you climb counters and bookshelves, and you dump things out of cupboards. When I tell you “no” you not only question me, but try harder the next time. You have strong willpower and amazing strength and confidence that I see in you already.
I can’t believe it’s come already, but happy happy birthday to my spunky little 2 year old, who loves singing and dancing, usually has a dress over her head, and already knows how to get the men in her life: Daddy and Braeden, to do her bidding with a cuddle and a kiss. You are trouble my dear, but in the very best way. 🙂
 xoxo Love Mom