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Do you ever have that realization that you are now Mommy, instead of a professional? Spilled on and stained, rather than pulled together? I am all for doing it all, but sometimes your disguise as someone who has their shit together is rudely removed!

All the moms out there – you know what I’m talking about. The dried spit up on your suit jacket that you notice after a meeting. The moment when your work phone call is interrupted by screaming kids. The mornings after nights of no sleep, where no amount of coffee is going to bring you back to your witty, composed self for your important work meeting.

This week has been a little reminder of this for me. My house: a disaster of tea sets, babies and empty sippy cups. My laundry: piles of clothes with spills of juice, food, times when we didn’t make the potty in time. And during my meeting? I reached into my purse and pulled out a teddy bear, a bag of goldfish crackers, and a red Crayola. Can you repeat that? I’ll just use my crayon to take note. Yes, it’s been very obvious this week that I am a Mommy first, and professional when it fits with my first and most important role.

But let me tell you what this role of Mommy has done for me: I can handle a crisis better than anyone. Multitasking: watch me do laundry, fill out agendas, clean up from dinner, bath kids and answer work emails at once! Doctor (nothing fixes owies like Mom’s kiss), cleaner (I can make our house presentable for company as they walk up the driveway. Trust me, in this house, that’s amazing!), Haircutter, teacher and more. My experiences with my crazy kids have made me strong and able to handle any boardroom situation! And if I am ever in a meeting where people play one of those games where you have to find something in your purse starting with each letter of the alphabet, I would so totally win! So what if I stumble over words before the caffeine kicks in, and have stickmen drawn on my guidelines at the meeting?!

For the record: I am happy being the mom that gets hugged before going out the door, even at the risk of being covered in crumbs. And the mom that gets fingerpaint and dirt stains on things because I play with my kids.

Yup, I’m mommy. Don’t make me use my Mom voice, because I will. 🙂