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Some days go so smooth. I wake up and before the kids get up, their plates are ready with breakfast, juice poured, vitamin beside. I have the shopping bags ready to hit the grocery store, Braeden’s backpack is packed with lunch, ready for school, and I am on time for everything. Those days I am unstoppable and insanely efficient. I am super mom.

Then other days, things do not go smooth. I press the snooze button  a few times, the kids are hard to get up, I am late for everything. Today was one of those days.

Although we were off to a bumpy start with a few tears and were running late, I thought we were doing okay. Once we made it to school (on time, thank you very much), Braeden reminded me that he had a skating field trip today. Skates were ready and in a bag with his hockey helmet… at home. With his glasses. Whoops.

We made it through grocery shopping with only minor embarassments (Jordyn called the man behind us in line a turkey) and I even had an extra ten minutes before nap/homework time to try on my dress for the Christmas party this Friday. As I was adjusting my bra, Jordyn called “mom! I has to pee!” so I rushed to get them off. By the time I got to her, she was sitting on the potty, but had been unable to get her panties down. I helped pull them down in a rush, not noticing something drop out… until I stepped in something warm. And solid. Yuck. Officially a crappy day.

My husband asked later “Did you just throw those socks out?”  No honey, I wasn’t wearing socks. Lovely. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I deserve it. 🙂