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Jordyn blows out the birthday candle on her 2nd birthday.

Dear Jordyn,

Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful little girl. It is hard to imagine what life was like without you here – like your brother, you have filled it with such love, excitement, and meaning. It’s crazy to think that it has been two years since we held you in our arms at Misericordia Hospital, and your brother Braeden came in to meet you. You squeezed his finger with your little hand right away, and you won him over instantly.

You are a girly girl. You love tea sets and fancy dresses, beads and toenail polish. Of course, when you’re all dressed up, you love to pull that dress right over your head! You prefer kittens and babies to cars and balls, in spite of the fact we only had boy toys for you at first.

You and your brother have the sweetest, strongest relationship. If you’re upset, nobody can take Mom’s place, other than Braeden. You love to sit in his lap, follow him around, and laugh at his every joke. He would do anything for you – giving you toys he was playing with or hurrying to your side when you are upset. The other day, as you two cuddled and watched Lady and the Tramp, you looked up at Braeden and said “Braeden, I love you forever, ever ever.” Your dad and I nearly cried! You call him “my Braeden” and he treats you like a princess.

All dressed up for her birthday celebrations.

You are so easy in some ways! You slept through the night right away, and potty trained yourself at 17 months. So yes, on one side you are a sweet little blond girl, with innocent blue eyes and the ability to melt people’s hearts. You love cuddles and songs, and are a little angel, but… you are also a firecracker! (Your dad called you that one day, and it fits!) You have passion that is so intense – shown in an ecstatic laugh or an angry shout. You tell people what you think. Today at the grocery store, a man said “It’s your birthday, you must have turned 2!” You said: “Did not! Liar, liar, pants on fire!” For the record, I did NOT teach you that!
You have spunk – rocking out while singing Honky Tonk man is a regular occurence for you, and you sing all day long: in bed, when you wake, in the night… and life is never dull when you are around. You make messes so quickly, you climb counters and bookshelves, and you dump things out of cupboards. When I tell you “no” you not only question me, but try harder the next time. You have strong willpower and amazing strength and confidence that I see in you already.
I can’t believe it’s come already, but happy happy birthday to my spunky little 2 year old, who loves singing and dancing, usually has a dress over her head, and already knows how to get the men in her life: Daddy and Braeden, to do her bidding with a cuddle and a kiss. You are trouble my dear, but in the very best way. 🙂
 xoxo Love Mom

Jordyn and Daddy ski down the bunny hill together.

I need a vacation. Really.

Mike and I have always promised each other that we will keep travelling, not allowing life to keep us away from exploring the world.

Then we added a little boy to our family. When our little boy Braeden was 2 years old, we planned a six week long trip backpacking down the coast of Australia and into northern New Zealand. There were many people who told us we couldn’t do it, but we packed a bunch of activities and a soother for our little toddler, and didn’t let having a child stop us from anything. True, we adjusted the trip, making more stops at playgrounds and turning in by 8:00 pm nightly so he could have a good sleep, but it was amazing.

Then we added a little girl to our family. We took both kids to New York City when Braeden was 5 and Jordyn was 9 months old. It was a great trip – New York has all sorts of amazing kid activities. (New York has everything!) Highlights for the kids were the Peanut Butter Inc restaurant, the matinee Broadway show, and walking through Times Square. Again, we had been warned not to bring kids on a trip to NYC, but we did, and the experience was great.

Then we added a Master’s program to our family. Now, in addition to the kids we have long term papers and discussions, and in addition to strollers/carseats, we would need to bring my laptop and textbooks. But the biggest problem is that of finances. Four tickets to pretty much anywhere is impossible right now, especially when paying tuition fees has nearly emptied our bank account. So we need to wait for the big trip. But as I said, I need a vacation. Badly. So we decided to find a nice local place to have a vacation.

Which is how we ended up in Cold Lake, Alberta last weekend, on a one-night skiing trip.

We woke up Saturday morning and the weather was -28. We had signed our 6 year old son up for a two day ski camp, and it started at 9:30 am. But -28? We decided to play it by ear, and packed up our car early for the 90 minute drive from Lac La Biche.

The sun had come out by the time we arrived, and the weather was a balmy -20 by the time he hit the hill. (Well he was dressed warm, so it wasn’t so bad.) Braeden headed out for his ski lesson with a friendly English-accented boy named Tom, and after watching Braeden take a shaky run from a quarter of the way up the bunny hill, we headed into town to shop, and the day went by quickly. By the time we picked a very happy and excited Braeden up at 3:00, we were ready to head to the hotel to rest. We hadn’t realized it when we first rented the hotel, but they had a waterslide and hot tub, and the kids were happily exhausted by the end of the day. After a restaurant rendezvous with some family, the kids and Mike

Braeden's first try at skiing

had a great sleep while I worked on homework on my laptop in the hotel bed.

After such a great first day, nothing could go wrong! So the next day, we decided to be a little more adventurous and rented skis for our 2 year old and ourselves. Easy right? Well, not so much…

She seemed excited to be wearing skis, so at my husband’s suggestion, we took her immediately to the chair lift. Whoops. Apparently she is scared of heights, and she fought and screamed the entire way up the lift. Of course, there is no turning around on the chair lift, so we made it to the top. At the top she was still upset, and wanted her mommy. (Mommy is not a strong skiier so couldn’t help her down, so she was still crying.) We headed down as quickly as we could, and I took our upset little skiier into the lodge, ignoring the stares of people who probably thought we forced our crying little girl into skis so we could selfishly enjoy the hill.

A bright  blue slushee and a piece of a kid’s birthday cake calmed her down (sugar galore) and I talked to her about trying again. After a few people had approached her to mention her “cool” skis and ask about how fast she could ski, she was eager to try it out again. This time we were more reasonable, and headed outside to try the bunny hill. After a few tries, we couldn’t get our little skiier away from the hill! Mike put her between his legs and they skiied down, and at the end she would shout: “Again, again!”

After Jordyn had a quick nap in the car and the adults took turns skiing, Braeden was done his lesson. Of course, I had to do a run with him to see what he had learned before we headed home from our “mini-vacation.” I headed up the chair lift, and we visited on the way up. As we swang in the sun, heading up the hill, we visited about everything: skiing, school, friends, my childhood. I had a sudden realization looking over at him, that my life really had changed. Not only was I not backpacking anymore, but I wasn’t the young traveller I once was. I have two children, and one is old enough to be beside me, sharing his first ski day.

As we reached the top, he immediately took me to his favourite run: Ridge Run and I watched my confident little boy ski strongly down the hill, taking every hill he could to show me his new found skills. It was an amazing experience.

So it wasn’t far, and it wasn’t necessarily easy, but at the end of the day, with my two little pink-cheeked kids resting in the backseat and our snow gear wet in the back of the car, I felt like we’d made the best of not being able to have a long, expensive vacation, by having a short enjoyable one. Sometimes life is about adjustments – life with kids and school certainly is!

But I still need a vacation.