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The literal way kids take things never fails to make me laugh. Braeden bonked his head when he was a toddler, and I mentioned he had a goose egg. Whenever anyone came near, he would say “Don’t touch! The goose might bite you!” I also have vivid memories of what I thought “a licking” was, or being “fired” from a job.  My mom said I also misunderstood the saying “in the meantime…”  I kept waiting for that time when she was going to be mean.

Kids have such a nice way of describing things and looking at the world. It can be so refreshing to see what their minds are thinking of!

This morning, my daughter was rubbing my leg. I haven’t shaved this week (give me a break! I have been trying to catch up on Christmas baking and shopping!) and apparently the stubble bothered her. “Don’t like Mommy’s ‘sparkles'” she says. ‘Sparkles’ is the absolute nicest way I have ever heard my leg stubble described! (Although she still doesn’t like it!)

Braeden, my six year old, has been learning about the value of a good homemade present. He is working on creating stories for many of his family members, complete with drawings. Let me share a couple lines from his stories.

From “Silent Man and the Adventure of His Kidnapping Rescue”: “Silent Man and Braeden landed on the trampoline and they bounced so high that they touched God’s eyebrow.” That’s high.

From “Davy Crockett Meets Pikachu”: “It wasn’t night but the forest was still as dark as if you were in a paper coated and coated in black permanent marker because it was the forest of doom.” What a great description!!

These moments are so sweet and really remind me how lucky I am to have such adorable healthy children. 🙂

Merry Christmas!