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Some days go so smooth. I wake up and before the kids get up, their plates are ready with breakfast, juice poured, vitamin beside. I have the shopping bags ready to hit the grocery store, Braeden’s backpack is packed with lunch, ready for school, and I am on time for everything. Those days I am unstoppable and insanely efficient. I am super mom.

Then other days, things do not go smooth. I press the snooze button  a few times, the kids are hard to get up, I am late for everything. Today was one of those days.

Although we were off to a bumpy start with a few tears and were running late, I thought we were doing okay. Once we made it to school (on time, thank you very much), Braeden reminded me that he had a skating field trip today. Skates were ready and in a bag with his hockey helmet… at home. With his glasses. Whoops.

We made it through grocery shopping with only minor embarassments (Jordyn called the man behind us in line a turkey) and I even had an extra ten minutes before nap/homework time to try on my dress for the Christmas party this Friday. As I was adjusting my bra, Jordyn called “mom! I has to pee!” so I rushed to get them off. By the time I got to her, she was sitting on the potty, but had been unable to get her panties down. I helped pull them down in a rush, not noticing something drop out… until I stepped in something warm. And solid. Yuck. Officially a crappy day.

My husband asked later “Did you just throw those socks out?”  No honey, I wasn’t wearing socks. Lovely. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I deserve it. 🙂


I used to bartend and serve to pay my way through my undergrad degree. I give credit to people who do this – I found serving stressful and difficult, and full of chaos of burnt meals, spilled drinks, screaming kids and hungry impatient patrons (LOL I just realized that all those things describe life as a mom! So much more enjoyable now!) When I came home at the end of long shifts, with my feet and back aching, I would still hear the buzz the bar printer made when another order was coming in. Some people sleeptalk, some sleepwalk, I sleepwork.

As a supervisor at the college, I also sleepworked whenever deadlines were adding up… I would think of all the things I needed to do, all the work left to complete, and would work through it in my mind. On particularly rough nights, I wouldn’t be sure what was a dream and what had actually been done. All I knew was that my sleep sucked because of this habit.

Well I have gone back to being a sleepworker. With papers due, work to complete, kids to take to hockey games, and cars to drop off at the shop, I am saving it all up to work through at night. I have to admit, I do come up with some great ideas while trying to sleep but in the morning, I feel like someone who… well, someone who worked all night. I have to come up with a better system.

In my all nighters and rush to get my huge paper done on time, I ended up being done early. Guess I didn’t require the all-nighters this week. Regardless, it was nice to be done and have Sunday to spend with Mike and the kids. They have been feeling the stress of me working on the paper.

Sunday morning we woke up to the first snowfall. The kids were so excited! So of course, after breakfast, we pulled out all the winter gear and spent forever trying to get everyone ready, the vehicle swept, scraped and warmed up, and the sleds found from under the piles of recycling in the garage. (Add it to the to-do list!)

When we got to the hill, there was nobody there, and the snow didn’t have one print. There was a flock of Canada geese at the lakefront, honking, and Jordyn went running down the hill shouting “Aww! Cutie geese! honk honk!” Braeden went whizzing down the hill with a shout. Last year he was nervous and careful, but this year he’s six. 🙂 We spent the next couple hours going up and down over and over. It was the best exercise I have had in awhile, as I haven’t been faithful to my treadmill in the last couple of weeks while writing my paper. By the tmime we came home for lunch, we were flushed, tired, and happy. A cup of hot chocolate and some early Christmas music to dance to in the kitchen made the day perfect. I almost didn’t do any homework.

At the end of the day, a hot bubble bath (and a stack of required readings for the week ahead) were the perfect ending. Monday, the insanity starts again. 🙂

I have always wanted to start a blog. Not that I think anyone would want to read about my crazy adventures but just to record all these memories so I can look back one day and remember… and so today, as I should be writing my paper for my MBA program with Athabasca University, I decided now was the perfect time to start. (Am I procrastinating, do you think?)

Just over a month ago, I began the executive MBA program. I knew life was busy with my two kids, but doing my Masters’ was always a goal of mine, and it seemed like as good a time as any to try it out. It is amazing – after doing an English degree (which I loved by the way) that taught me things of interest but not necessarily useful things, I am stunned by the relevance of everything I am learning. Every article I read teaches me something that I can directly apply to my life and job. It does take a fair amount of time and energy though…

That’s what I do, you know. I fill my plate to overfilling, then complain that I need to make some changes to make things less hectic… then I do cut back, and get bored and fill it right back up again. It drives my husband Mike crazy. But while Mike would say this blog is “just another thing” to add to my list, I think this is a way for me to take a moment for myself. So on that note, let me introduce you to the ‘characters’ in my life: my kids and wonderful husband.

Mike and I met through a friend. I thought he looked like Matt Damon, and he was so genuine… I had never met anyone like him. Mike is the kind of person who everyone likes. Parties are better when he’s there, and when he enters a room, everything becomes more fun. We fell in love quickly, and it has never faded. Mike and I married in 2005 and since have had two children: Braeden and Jordyn.

Braeden is my smart little scientist. He prefers reading, experiments, and making things with his “contraption kit” to playing outside, and sometimes he outsmarts Mike and I. Don’t tell him that though; he’ll use it against me. Braeden is six years old and in grade one. His project today is a book of “Prehistoric Creatures” which depicts and explains ammonites and other creatures I have never heard of. He is also the best big brother, giving everything to his sister that she possibly wants, all in return for as many hugs and kisses he can get from her.

Jordyn is our little actress. She is one and a half, and very independent. This morning, she told Mike and I that she didn’t want to use her highchair “no more.” “Chair for babies,” she said. I don’t know why she in such a rush, but she has a mission to grow up way too quickly. She loves to sing and dance, especially to Ray Charles, and especially when naked.

Like I said, life is busy for me, but so amazing. Never a dull moment in this house. And so I have started this blog to see if I have maybe this time bit off more than I can chew. 🙂

Now it’s paper time.